SGP in Courchevel: Double victory for Poland

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Kubacki Dawid 26

Dawid Kubacki won the third Summer Grand Prix competition in a row, this time on the large hill in Courchevel!

Poland’s Dawid Kubacki took his win with jumps of 133,5 m and 127 m. His teammate Maciej Kot (130,5 m and 128,5 m) came in second. The third place went to Denis Kornilov (130,5 m and 126,5 m) and Roman Koudelka (126,5 m and 127,5 m).

Germany’s Stephan Leyhe (127 m and 131,5 m) finished fifth, followed by Piotr Żyła (124 m and 128 m), Robert Johansson (131 m and 127,5 m), Manuel Fettner (128 m and 124,5 m) and Stefan Hula (128 m and 126,5 m).  The TOP10 was completed by Stefan Kraft (128 m and 126 m).

Dawid Kubacki (300 points) is leading the overall Summer Grand Prix, ahead of Maciej Kot (214 points) and Stefan Leyhe (154 points).

The next competition will take place in Hakuba in Japan (26-27.08.2017).

No. BIB Jumper Nation Dist1 Pts1 Dist2 Pts
150Kubacki Dawidpol133.5139.1127.0274.2
249Kot Maciejpol130.5131.2128.5266.0
320Kornilov Denisrus130.5130.7126.5262.4
344Koudelka Romancze126.5129.2127.5262.4
548Leyhe Stephanger127.0127.1131.5260.1
645Zyla Piotrpol124.0122.5128.0255.4
735Johansson Robertnor131.0128.2127.5255.3
84Fettner Manuelaut128.0127.6124.5255.0
946Hula Stefanpol128.0125.9126.5254.5
1031Kraft Stefanaut128.0123.8126.0254.0
1143Tande Daniel Andrenor126.5122.6125.5252.9
1237Bresadola Davideita131.5125.2125.5252.0
1314Jelar Zigaslo128.5123.7126.0247.9
1441Colloredo Sebastianita123.0117.0127.0246.6
1436Stoch Kamilpol120.5119.5125.0246.6
1626Lanisek Anzeslo126.0125.3123.5246.4
1719Deschwanden Gregorsui128.5121.5126.5246.1
183Nazarov Mikhailrus125.0119.7125.5243.7
1942Granerud Halvor Egnernor123.5118.0124.0242.5
2032Justin Rokslo128.0119.1124.5242.1
2147Geiger Karlger123.0118.6124.0241.9
2229Ammann Simonsui132.5126.2117.5240.6
2315Kobayashi Junshirojpn123.5117.9122.0239.2
2425Schiffner Markusaut123.5118.2122.5237.7
2540Wank Andreasger126.5120.2119.5237.5
2639Gangnes Kennethnor127.5119.7119.5234.8
2712Schmid Constantinger122.0112.4120.0228.9
2838Wolny Jakubpol121.5113.3119.0226.9
2910Vancura Tomascze129.0116.9115.5223.5