SGP in Hakuba: Junshiro Kobayashi with the second victory

Author: Piotr Tokarz, Published:

Japan’s Junshiro Kobayashi doubled his collection of Summer Grand Prix victories in today’s competition in Hakuba. To the joy of local fans Junshiro’s brother Ryoyu finishes as a runner-up. Slovenia’s Anze Lanisek completed the podium.

Fifth competition of this year’s Summer Grand Prix edition was a tough one for European fans. Lack of live video transmission kept them in doubt whether to wait for next day’s rebroadcasting or to check the results. The competition came out to be the double win of brothers Junshiro and Ryoyu Kobayashi who seem to be back in a good shape after disappointing last season. Anze Lanisek from Slovenia didn’t waste his time travelling to Japan and after yesterday’s fifth place, this time he managed to jump to the podium and was cassified as third.

The competition abounded in many surprises and disappointments. Kevin Bickner equaled his lifetime best in Summer Grand Prix position after being classified as 7th. It is worth mentioning that he took the same place in the last year’s second Hakuba competition as well. Antti Aalto’s tenth place was his first top 10 position in the highest rank of FIS competitions. Even though, the most sensational performance was done by Kazakh jumper Sergey Tkachenko who managed to score his first Summer Grand Prix points and debutet at the eighteenth place after great second jump of 125 meters. On the second hand, Klemens Muranka’s effort in today’s competition can be considered as the most disappointing. After setting the hill record in the trial round (137,5 m) he didn’t even manage to score a single point despite jumping in normal conditions.

Despite not travelling to Japan, Poland’s Dawid Kubacki and Maciej Kot saved their first two positions in general ranking. The Summer Grand Prix has two weeks gap now. Next competitions are being held in Russia’s Chaikovsky on the 9th and 10th of September.

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