COC in Stams: Double victory for Austria

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Daniel Huber

Hosts didn’t let foreign jumpers to win any of the Continental Cup competitions in Stams this weekend. Sunday’s event was won by Daniel Huber, ahead of Stefan Kraft and Vincent Descombes Savoie.

The winner who was third after the 115 meters jump in first round advanced to the first place with jump of 113,5 m. Stefan Kraft (114,5 & 113,5 m) finished second, only 1,2 points after the leader. The podium was completed by French Vincent Descombes Savoie (114,5 & 112 m).

The following places went to Pius Paschke (114,5 & 109 m), Tilen Bartol (115,5 & 109,5 ), Thomas Lackner (110,5 & 111 m) and the overall ranking leader Klemens Murańka (112 & 110 m).

Klemens Murańka is still the lader of the COC overall ranking with 482 points. The second place is occupied by Slovenia’s Miran Zupancic (-160 points). Pius Paschke is third (-282 points).

The next competition will take place in Trondheim (16-17.09).

No. BIB Jumper Nation Dist1 Pts1 Dist2 Pts
157HUBER Danielaut115.0131.7113.5259.7
258KRAFT Stefanaut114.5131.2113.5258.5
345DESCOMBES SEVOIE Vincentfra114.5131.2112.0253.6
461PASCHKE Piusger114.5131.9109.0252.0
559BARTOL Tilenslo115.5132.3109.5251.5
648LACKNER Thomasaut110.5123.0111.0248.4
763MURANKA Klemenspol112.0126.0110.0248.2
856SCHMID Constantinger112.5127.5109.0248.1
924POPPINGER Manuelaut112.5124.9112.0246.7
1040FETTNER Manuelaut116.5130.4107.5246.2
1123HAUER Joachimnor108.5121.1111.0244.8
1255ZAJC Timislo111.5123.7109.0243.8
1341DEZMAN Nejcslo109.5120.8110.5243.4
1438PREVC Domenslo109.5120.0111.5243.1
1525BJERKEENGEN Fredriknor109.5119.7111.5242.5
1629ASCHENWALD Philippaut111.0123.4108.5242.0
1722SCHLIERENZAUER Gregoraut110.5123.1107.5241.3
1860PAVLOVCIC Borslo111.5124.3107.5240.8
1930KOFLER Andreasaut111.0123.5107.5240.2
2021HAYBOECK Michaelaut110.5123.7106.5239.5
2128BAER Moritzger112.0125.2106.0238.2
2234SCHWANN Mikaaut109.5120.3109.0238.0
2333FREITAG Richardger111.0124.4106.0237.1
2462ZNISZCZOL Aleksanderpol108.5118.7108.0234.5
2539TOLLINGER Eliasaut106.0114.5107.0229.6
2653KLUSEK Bartlomiejpol105.5114.1106.0226.4
2727SOEBERG Sigurd Nymoennor106.0110.8107.5225.1
2810HILDE Tomnor108.0117.5104.0222.8
2935TARMAN Rokslo107.0115.5103.0219.7
3054KOZISEK Cestmircze105.0111.9103.5218.6