Kenneth Gangnes injured

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

After missing the 2016/2017 winter season due to his third ACL injury, Kenneth Gangnes tore again his ligament during a training camp in Oslo. 

The 28-year-old Norwegian ski jumper suffered another ACL injury just a week before the season opening in Wisla! He had a small fall on Thursday, unfortunately with huge consequences.

Gangnes used the past winter season for rehabilitation from his previous ligament torn and was just about to return to the World Cup.

The season for me is over. It is extremely sad. It was what I have been training for and now it flies away right before the start. – said Gangnes to

Gangnes have already had three ACL injuries, first in 2010, then in 2013 and 2015. However, this fourth one might be the worst of all, right before the Olympic season.

My fall was actually not that dangerous, I just lost control a little bit over my skis. It clearly looks like that I am made of biscuits. I was doing very well this summer and from a physical point of view I have never been stronger, faster and more flexible before. I don’t know what I could have done differently. It is impossible to tell why did it happen, but it might be genetic: that my ligaments are weaker than the normal.

This upcoming winter will be totally different for me than what I have expected. I had big goals and ambitions, but now I cannot even try myself in a competition situation. -told Gangnes.

He got a lot of calls from his teammates who have also visited him at the hospital.

They take good care of me. It is nice to be surrounded by people like them.

What concerns Gagnes’s ski jumping career there is nothing decided yet.

First of all, I have to undergo surgery now, get my knee fixed so that I can do what I would like to do. I am not sure yet if it will be ski jumping or something else. It is not a decision I could make now. However it is sure that I am not going to disappear from the ski jumping world. Maybe I can contribute in another way. -stated Kenneth Gangnes to

According to head coach Alexander Stöckl, what happened is incredibly sad.

Kenneth had been working so hard to come back. Everything looked very promising, he was in a very good shape, both phisically and medically. The rehabilitation proccess went very well, he was patient and everything went according to the plan. What happened now might suggest that his knees don’t endure big pressure.