COC in Bischofshofen: Unbelievable victory for Tom Hilde

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:
tom hilde

Norway’s Tom Hilde was the best in today’s Continental Cup competition in Bischofshofen, in Austria. Andreas Wank finished second while Cestmir Kozisek came in third. 

Tom Hilde managed to win the competition after finishing on the 20th place in the first round with a jump of 131.5 m. An amazing jump of 139 m and high style marks helped him in the second round and made it possible to celebrate a victory.

Andreas Wank took the second place with jumps of 139 m and 126 m, while the Czech Cestmir Kozisek landed on 133.5 m and 132.5 m, completing the TOP 10.

Tomasz Pilch came in fourth, followed by Daniel Huber, David Siegel, Aleksander Zniszczol. The eighth place was taken by Nejc Dezman, while Finland’s Andreas Alamommo occupied the tenth place.

Official results:

No. BIB Jumper Nation Dist1 Pts1 Dist2 Pts
157HILDE TomNOR131.5116.3139.0250.9
261WANK AndreasGER139.0131.0126.0250.4
354KOZISEK CestmirCZE133.5125.5132.5249.8
467PILCH TomaszPOL130.0124.0133.5248.5
52HUBER DanielAUT133.5125.4130.5245.4
658SIEGEL DavidGER142.5141.9116.5242.6
752ZNISZCZOL AleksanderPOL134.0125.6128.0241.9
865DEZMAN NejcSLO125.0115.2135.0241.2
937SCHULER AndreasSUI130.0116.6134.0240.7
1041ALAMOMMO AndreasFIN132.0121.5129.5239.5
1166LEAROYD JonathanFRA128.0121.0130.5238.4
127PEDERSEN RobinNOR128.5114.0133.5237.7
1345HUBER StefanAUT132.0121.2128.5237.3
1460LACKNER ThomasAUT130.5120.5129.0236.9
1556NAGLIC TomazSLO129.0115.2131.5233.3
1643ZOGRAFSKI VladimirBUL131.5119.7128.5232.8
1759WOHLGENANNT UlrichAUT134.5128.3118.5230.9
1862PAVLOVCIC BorSLO126.5115.7130.0230.3
1955TOLLINGER EliasAUT129.0117.0128.5230.1
2035HLAVA LukasCZE129.5115.4129.0229.2
2144LEITNER ClemensAUT133.0121.9125.0229.1
2234SAKALA FilipCZE128.5112.3127.5223.4
2327REISENAUER JanniAUT132.0117.6125.0223.1
2428KRAUS MarinusGER133.0120.5123.5222.9
2546HAMANN MartinGER128.5112.3125.5217.8
2632RUPITSCH MarkusAUT128.5114.1121.0211.8
2733LISSO JustinGER130.0112.3110.0187.3
2842MYHREN Mats BjerkeNOR128.5112.4108.0181.2
DSQ48LANISEK AnzeSLO134.5126.1129.5126.1
DSQ40HOFER ThomasAUT132.0120.5133.0120.5