COC in Bischofshofen: Siegel wins

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:
David Siegel

The German David Siegel was the best in today’s Continental Cup competition in Bischofshofen. Just like yesterday, Andreas Wank finished second, while the third place was taken this time by the Slovenian Nejc Dezman.

David Siegel celebrated his victory with jumps of 143 m and 131 m. Andreas Wank, who took the second place, 7.2 points behind Siegel, landed on 136.5 m and 132.5 m. Nejc Dezman finished third with jumps of 135.5 m and 133.5 m.

Yesterday’s winner, Tom Hilde, ended on the fourth place, followed by Tomasz Pilch, Sondre Ringen, Bor Pavlovcic, Tomaz Naglic and Andreas Schuler. The TOP10 was completed by Ulrich Wohlgennant.


The next COC competitions will take place next weekend in Erzurum, Turkey.