Iulian Pitea accuses coach of violence

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Iulian Pitea
According to gsp.ro, Iulian Pitea who took part at Olympics in 2014 was violently beaten by his head coach Florin Spulber during a training camp in Slovenia in November 2015.

The incident has been revealed by the jumper himself after that the Romanian Federation cancelled his and Torok Eduard’s registration for the competitions in Garmisch and Innsbruck during the Four Hills Tournament. The athletes were already in Garmisch when they got informed about the cancellation. That was the final straw which started the feud. The jumpers and the federation are currently fighting in the Romanian media answering on each other’s declarations for different websites and not communicating directly with each other.
According to the jumpers, they have tried to contact the federation from Garmisch but they did not answer. Pitea and Torok don’t know exactly why they weren’t let to compete when their coach, Florin Spulber, had earlier promised them that they can take part.
Puiu Gaspar, the general secretary of the Romanian Ski and Biathlon Federation declared to gsp.ro that there had been a consultation the athletes are not talking about, according to which they only get a chance to start if they have good results at the COC in Engelberg, preceding the Four Hills. He told that they were jumping 30-40 meters less in Switzerland than it was expected and that is why they could not let them make fun of Romania at the Four Hills.
Pitea and Torok were both dissatisfied with the trainings they have had.
He gives us good compliments while at the same time he tells to the federation that we have no chance, that we are weak. He didn’t even come to Engelberg with us, he sent Remus Tudor (a retired jumper), our friend, so that he can hide from publicity. After all that happened he also blocked me on Whatsapp – told Torok to gsp.ro.
Iulian Pitea has been training with Florin Spulber since he was 12. According to Iulian, he never had a good relationship with his coach. He always had the feeling that Spulber has taken over the lead from other coaches just to collect the praises and congratulations.
Pitea took part in a surviver show in 2016. Everyone thought that he gave up jumping for a while just to be able to take part in the show. However, the true reason why Iulian left turns to bo something else.
As the athlete declares to gsp.ro, he decided to travel to the Philippines a few months after that he had been violently beaten by his head coach Florin Spulber. The incident happened in a training camp in Kranj in Slovenia on the 27th of November, 2015.
He has always thought that I weigh several kilograms more than I should. On this mentioned day above, he punched me  in the face for eating too much. I admitted that I had been eating together with his son who is also a jumper. This confession made him become even angrier. He told me not to implicate his son in this case. I tried to convince him that I am telling the truth. Florin Spulber reacted to it by punching me several times in the face after which I hit my head in the edge of something. Torok Eduard took some photos of my face but I don’t remember that.
After that he hit me, he went to his room and closed the door. When Eduard tried to enter the room he began shouting at him. He had probably realised by then what he did. Eduard took some photos of me, I was bleeding so bad that half of my face was covered with blood. I was seriously shocked, I don’t even remember Eduard taking photos.
The gsp.ro asked Iulian why he hadn’t report what happened.
I did. But they began to come with promises. I didn’t want to live in conflict and so I said that I would withdraw the accusations in case they will keep their promises. I withdrew it, while they didn’t keep their promises.
Iulian tells to gsp.ro that they promised to give him a financial support for studying in Innsbruck, a promise they didn’t keep.
I have always tried to loose weight when he wanted, which caused me bulimia problems.
As a conclusion, Pitea adds that both of them, him and Eduard have tried to keep themselves on a professional level. They have sacrificed a lot for professional sport and what they got in exchange were lies and punches. According to Iulian, his colleague, Eduard was jumping much better after a one and half year break during which he was training alone, only in the gym. He was the one who had the least contact with Florin Spulber.
Torok Eduard confirms what Iulian told
I had just finished lunch when I heard shouting from that room. When I entered Iulian was having a quarrel with Florin who told me to leave. I listened to him since I didn’t want to make the situation worse. Iulian wanted to come after me when it happened. I heard a loud scream after which Iulian came out with bleeding head. It was shocking. I took care of his wound together with another person. Spulber remained in the room behind locked door.
 Florin Spulber has been contacted several times by the Romanian media, however, he did not comment the case yet.
source: gsp.ro / photo: Iulian Pitea’s archive