COC in Erzurum: Victory for Anze Lanisek

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Lanisek Anze 22

Anze Lanisek won the second Continental Cup competition on the large hill in Erzurum, ahead of Marius Lindvik and his teammate Tomaz Naglic.

Slovenia’s Anze Lanisek took the victory in the second event in Erzurum with the jumps of 132,5 and 140 m. The second place went to the new overall ranking reader, Marius Lindvik who landed on 136 and 135 m. Another Slovenian athlete, Tomaz Naglic (134 & 134 m), completed the podium.

Tom Hilde (130 & 134 m) finished fourth, followed by Nejc Dezman (132,5 & 131,5 m) and David Siegel (126 & 137 m).

Marius Lindvik is the new leader in the overall Continental Cup ranking.

The next competition will take place in Sapporo (26.01.2018).


No. BIB Jumper Nation Dist1 Pts1 Dist2 Pts
138LANISEK AnzeSLO132.5147.3140.0288.2
247LINDVIK MariusNOR136.0150.2135.0282.9
340NAGLIC TomazSLO134.0146.0134.0274.3
442HILDE TomNOR130.0135.6134.0268.1
545DEZMAN NejcSLO132.5142.4131.5265.6
643SIEGEL DavidGER126.0125.7137.0265.2
746LEAROYD JonathanFRA130.0137.7133.0264.3
844WANK AndreasGER126.5128.4134.5262.6
939ZNISZCZOL AleksanderPOL126.0134.7130.0257.7
1041PAVLOVCIC BorSLO130.5137.0128.5257.2
1123BRASME PaulFRA131.5126.7130.0253.9
1227BUSKUM Andreas GranerudNOR132.5129.8130.0253.4
1337KANTYKA PrzemyslawPOL128.0135.1126.5251.9
1431ROCH DUPLAND ThomasFRA130.5126.8129.0250.6
1535PEDERSEN RobinNOR122.5130.5129.5249.1
1632KRANJEC RobertSLO134.5134.3126.5247.4
1725LARSON CaseyUSA133.5126.1124.0242.6
1836MURANKA KlemensPOL119.0121.7126.5239.2
1922SOUKUP MatthewCAN129.0119.3121.5233.9
2034HLAVA LukasCZE117.0117.6124.0229.7
2128MAKSIMOCHKIN MikhailRUS127.5120.8121.5227.0
2229BJOERENG Joacim OedegaardNOR126.5120.9119.0223.1
2326SANDELL Jonas-SlothNOR129.0117.7120.0222.1
2424IPCIOGLU Fatih ArdaTUR127.5116.2119.0218.0
2530SAKALA FilipCZE128.0120.2110.0208.4
2620CECON FedericoITA124.5108.5117.0204.8
2733LEJA KrzysztofPOL113.5104.7113.5197.9
2821TARMAN RokSLO120.5101.7114.5195.5
2919CHOI Heung ChulKOR121.5104.0110.0191.9
303DEMIR AyberkTUR118.099.9101.5170.3