COC in Iron Mountain: Marius Lindvik wins

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Marius Lindvik

Norway’s Marius Lindvik won the Continental Cup competition in the Iron Mountain in the USA ahead of Jakub Wolny and Halvor Egner Granerud.

Marius Lindvik took his victory with jumps of 137 and 135,5 m. The second place went to Poland’s Jakub Wolny (130 & 138 m). Another Norwegian ski jumper, Halvor Egner Granerud (134 & 125 m) completed the podium.

Manuel Poppinger (129 & 134,5 m) was fourth, followed by Anze Lanisek (127 & 130,5 m), Pius Paschke (141,5 & 122 m) and Andreas Wank (127,5 & 129,5 m).

Marius Lindvik  with 656 points is the new leader in the overall COC ranking ahead of Andreas Wank (649 p.) and Nejc Dezman (631 p.).

No. BIB Jumper Nation Dist1 Pts1 Dist2 Pts
139LINDVIK MariusNOR137.0143.7135.5291.5
27WOLNY JakubPOL130.0127.8138.0277.7
31GRANERUD Halvor EgnerNOR134.0142.5125.0268.7
46POPPINGER ManuelAUT129.0126.8134.5268.4
537LANISEK AnzeSLO127.0126.9130.5264.4
619PASCHKE PiusGER141.5144.1122.0263.6
741WANK AndreasGER127.5125.9129.5260.3
821HUBER StefanAUT138.0137.6120.0259.8
940DEZMAN NejcSLO129.0130.2120.5259.0
1034HAUER JoachimNOR126.5121.1131.5256.6
1138SIEGEL DavidGER131.0125.8126.0253.6
1230HUBER DanielAUT120.5116.3124.0245.2
1336ASCHENWALD PhilippAUT121.5116.7122.5240.1
1411AUNE JoakimNOR119.5107.6127.5231.7
1524HAMANN MartinGER117.0109.1129.5229.6
1633PAVLOVCIC BorSLO122.5115.1118.5228.8
1726WOHLGENANNT UlrichAUT111.5105.7126.5227.6
1832KRANJEC RobertSLO119.5110.1122.5225.5
1922ZUPANCIC MiranSLO125.0118.9117.0222.8
2017MURANKA KlemensPOL120.5107.1124.0222.0
2125PEDERSEN RobinNOR112.0102.3123.0221.3
2220BAER MoritzGER115.0104.1124.0221.1
2335NAGLIC TomazSLO112.0102.5121.0219.9
2429TEPES JurijSLO119.0113.9113.0219.7
2512STEINER MaximilianAUT118.5106.2122.5216.9
2628ALTENBURGER FlorianAUT112.0102.8119.5216.6
2713SOUKUP MatthewCAN118.5104.4121.0210.7
2818HOFFMANN FelixGER119.0101.9115.0204.4
2915ROCH DUPLAND ThomasFRA113.596.9113.0193.6
309VANCURA TomasCZE115.096.6102.0171.8