FIS Cup in Breitenberg: Another victory for Pilch and Reisch

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
CC Pilch i Juroszek

The second FIS Cup competitions on the medium hill in Breitenberg in Germany were won by Poland’s Tomasz Pilch and Germany’s Agnes Reisch.


Poland’s Tomasz Pilch who after jump on 76 m in the first round was ranked fourth, landed on 79,5 m in the second round and won the competition. The second place went to Markus Rupitsch (78,5 & 76,5 m) of Austria. The podium was completed by another Austrian athlete – Markus Schiffner (75 & 78,5 m).

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Elias Tollinger (625 p.) is the leader in the overall ranking, ahead of Markus Rupitsch (546 p.) and Dominik Maylaender (487 p.).

Cup standings


Germany’s Agnes Reisch (76,5 & 76,5 m) took the victory also in the Sunday’s competition in Breitenberg. Marita Kramer (79,5 & 74,5 m) finished second, followed by Pauline Hessler (74 & 75,5 m).

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Daniela Haralambie (382 p.) from Romania is leading in the overall FIS Cup ranking. Slovenia’s Nika Kriznar (380 p.) is second and Poland’s Kamila Karpiel (247 p.) third.

Cup standings

The next FIS Cup competitions will take place in Villach in Austria (24-25.02.2018).