WC in Planica: Forfang wins the qualification, Schlierenzauer lands on 253.5 m

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

While the Norwegian Johann Andre Forfang won the qualification in Planica, Gregor Schlierenzauer landed on the current world record.

Forfang won the qualification at the last stage of the 2017/2018 World Cup season. The Norwegian landed on 241 m and was followed by a local athlete, Anze Semenic, with 234 m. The third place was taken by Dawid Kubacki with a jump of 224.5 m.

Kobayashi came in fourth, ahead of Richard Freitag and his teammate, Stephan Leyhe. The seventh place was taken by Stefan Hula, while the overall winner, Kamil Stoch finished eighth. Robert Johansson was ninth, while the TOP10 was completed by Gregor Schlierenzauer, who had the longest jump of the day. With 253.5 m, Gregor has reached Stefan Kraft’s World Record, set in Vikersund last season. Gregor, however, did not manage to become the new record holder, since he did not stand the jump by touching the ground with his hands.

I am very impressed, it was amazing. Unfortunately, with my flight curve, it was not possible to land ordinary, however I think that it would have been possible with a different curve. I feel like my good old shape is showing off sometimes, but I am still not so stable. My goal for the next years is to become more and more steady. – told Gregor after today’s qualification.

Planica 7 is currently lead by Johann Andre Forfang with 243.4 points. Semenic is 8.1 points behind, while Kubacki has collected 227.7 points so far. The next two jumps that will be taken into account are the two rounds of tomorrow’s individual competition that starts at 3 pm.

Source: our correspondent from Planica, Aga Pajak