Ernest Prislić is back!

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Ernest Prislic

More than a year ago we were shocked after hearing the information that Ernest Prislić suffered a very serious car accident in Planica. Now, we’re more than happy to inform you that he is back at hills!

It was supposed to be a routine training in Planica. But it didn’t start. The finish was tragical. Ernest Prislić was hit by a car. His state of health was very serious. The doctors in the hospital in Ljubljana were fighting to save his health and life. That time no one was even thinking about his comeback to ski jumping. The most important was his life.

In February, Prislić got a green light from doctors to come back to ski jumping. Slovenian ski jumper, interviewed by, told that he just wants to jump no matter what results will be. And he did it!

This small dream came truth on Thursday’s morning at the hill in Kisovec. As we can see on the Instagram profile of his fiance, Sabina Blazevic, Ernest Prislić is jumping again! Is he going to be back at the international competition? Time will show.