This is the end. Hills in Harrachov closed!

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Harrachov 6

This is the end. After several years with unofficial news about the possible closing of the ski jumping hills in Harrachov, it has unfortunately became official. 

The ski jumping arena in Harrachov became a wrack. The K90 hill, the inrun of the K40 hill, the lift and the trainers’ tower are in critical condition.

“At this moment we can’t let the hills to be used. It would be dangerous for the athletes if we would let them jump on two out of our three hills and to use the lift that belongs to them.”- told Petr Graclik for

“It’s a very hard decision, due to both sport and historical reasons, but unfortunately we didn’t have any other choice.” – told Lukas Sobotka, president of the Czech Ski Association, for

By closing the hills in Harrachov, the preparation of the ski jumpers and nordic combined athletes for the upcoming season will get quite complicated. It can also have a big influence on the young athletes who are members of the local Ski Klub Harrachov. What’s more, the level of Czech ski jumping can get even lower! “The preparations will probably be more expensive because we’ll have to use hills out of the Czech Republic. But this is something that cannot happen again and we’ll do everything to make this break as short as possible.” – added Sobotka, interviewed by

The large and the ski flying hill in Harrachov are already closed for several years. Now the athletes have to say goodbye to the smaller ones too. However, the hill in Liberec are still in use, the future of Czech ski jumping isn’t bright.