Daniel Andre Tande: ‘I really felt like being on my deathbed’

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:
Daniel Andre Tande

This past month was not the easiest period in Tande’s life. He was fighting a serious disease and was feeling extremely bad for several days.

Tande was using Ibux (an Ibuprofen based medicine) while having an infection in the respiratory system. His body’s response to one of the substance of this medicine lead to a syndrome called Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

I was feeling really bad. The chance of getting the Stevens-Johnson syndrome is lower then winning the lottery. Well, it is my type of luck. -told Tande to nrk.no

He is getting better and better by now, but he lost weight and his body is not ready for training yet. What’s more, he is also not allowed to train yet.

It was very serious, I was lucky that the symptoms have quickly appeared in my mouth and I got to the hospital quite fast. If it wouldn’t have been my mouth showing me that something is wrong, it would have got much worse.

I woke up after a power nap and I couldn’t breathe. I was in panic. I wanted to call to the ambulance but I managed to calm down a bit and called a taxi instead. I was in the hospital for one and a half week. – says Tande to nrk.no

Most of the symptoms appeared in his mouth but he was also fighting for his sight for a while. In the worst case, the eyelids grow together and they have to be cut again.

It could have been worse if I wouldn’t have started the treatment so quickly. My mouth was a big wound and I wasn’t able to eat. I really felt like being on my deathbed for a few days.It is the immune system that attacks its own cells. I was being told that if the blisters cover more than 10% of the body, the chance of dying is around 30%.

Source: nrk.no