Ladies ski jumping needs time to evoluate

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

The popularity and level of ladies ski jumping is still not as high as men’s. A lot of fans think that ladies shouldn’t jump. However, they compete at the World Championships and the Olympics. They are still trying to prove that ladies can jump far too!

Women fight for their place in the ski jumping world for several years. They got already their own World Cup since 2011/2012 but so far they jump mostly on normal hills which are in the men’s World Cup almost forgotten. While watching ladies ski jumping on the large hills we can notice that there are only a few athletes who jump far and receive good style marks.

Since 2009 ladies got a chance to participate in World Cup. In 2014, Carina Vogt became the first Olympic champion. The first team World Cup competition has already taken place.

When you look at the evolution of ladies ski jumping it looks great but for one reason or another the organizers of the World Cup in Titisee Neustadt have decided to cancel the mixed competition which will be a new Olympic discipline in 2022. The mixed competition is said to be cancelled due to financial issues and will be replaced by the men’s team competition.

It’s quite clear that the organizers will not get such a big profit from the female competition as they would get after the men’s competiton.  Let’s be honest, if a normal fan would have to choose between buying tickets for a the men’s or the ladies competition, the chance is quite high that the choice would be on the men’s . The situation is exactly the same what it conserns the TV broadcasts.

But here is the question – why do we want to have mixed competition at Olympics if we’re unable to organize such events during the World Cup, especially in Germany where the popularity of ski jumping (and the level of ladies ski jumping) is high?

It’s a shame that ladies still need to fight so hard to show that they can also fly. It’s a shame they will not get the chance to show up in front of ahuge crowd. Well, maybe for some nations who don’t have female ski jumpers it doesn’t really matter but it’s definitely not a good move for the development of ladies ski jumping. What if Titisee Neustadt is the first town which resigns and then noone will want to organize this event in the future because of a smaller profit? Men’s ski jumping wasn’t on such a high level before either but everything needs time to evoluate. Let’s give the ladies a chance! They deserve it too!