New hills in Croatia are built [PHOTO + VIDEO]

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

Croatia is a good holiday destination. Holidays are also a good opportunity to check what happens in Delnice where the new ski jumping hills have been built.

Last year we wrote about that the plan of building the new hills in Delnice became real and that the construction had already started. The gallery from last year you can find HERE.

When we look at the K8 and K15 hills we have a feeling that they are a bit bigger. They are almost finished. The plastic covers are totally green due to which the hills look a little bit strange. Croatians plan to build K30 and K80 hills too.

As far as we know, noone so far has jumped on the  hills. What is more, they tried to get a coach from Slovenia but the discussions about it have stopped. The size of the ski jumping equipment which was bought for future athletes are too big. Let’s hope that sooner or later all will end up good and someday we’ll see Croatian athletes competing in international competitions.

There was also K70 hill in Delnice. The ruins of it we still can find there. The last competition was organized there in 2006 and the hill recorder was Urban Zamernik who jumped 72.5 m.