Heather Mills – woman who jumped despite an amputated leg

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

Heather Mills is an amazing woman who despite her amputeted leg has decided to jump on skis. It sounds unbelievable but she did it!

Heather Mills is a British model and ex-wife of Paul McCartney. In 1993 she was blindsided by a motorcycle. After the accident she had to have her leg amputated. But this didn’t break her. She still wanted to make her dreams come true and she has showed the world that disabled people can do everything they want, even practice ski jumping.

It sounds unbelievable but that’s the fact. Heather Mills took part in the reality show called “The jump” in 2015 where celebrities challange each other by doing the most difficult winter sports. The winner gets a crown.

Heather Mills has become the first person who made a jump on a ski jumping hill with an amputed leg. Trainings at the hill there were giving progress but then her prothesis was demaged because it wasn’t adapted to sports activities. She had to find something which will replace it. In the last moment she found an Austrian ski instructor – Karl Neuner – who decided to lend her his one. He lived 3 hours away from Innsbruck where the episode of “The jump” was recorded. His prothesis was a little bit to big for her but still, it was the only chance for her to take part in the competition.

After the practicing on the smaller hills she has finally decided to jump on K38 in Natters, Austria. She landed on 17 meters and won the contest. What is more, she made her new personal best which is also the longest jump ever executed by a person with a leg prothesis.

After the jump she told:

“I truely enjoyed the experience, it’s challenges and getting to know my fellow contestants. We had great fun and I spent most of my time laughing and joking around, watching Steve-o do what he does best!
I wanted to prove to both disabled and healthy people that if you work hard and push yourself anything is possible. Life is about challenges and not being deterred by the seemingly impossible. I’m happy knowing that I did my best despite the challenges I had to overcome.
I’d like to say a big congratulations to Joey Essex on wining the Jump. I hope my time spent on the Jump will  inspire people to overcome their challenges.”