National Championships in Switzerland, Poland and Japan

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

On the 27th and 28th of October three National Championships were held. The three countries that chose this weekend were Switzerland, Poland and Japan. 

Killian Peier and Lea Kindlimann dominated in Switzerland, Dawid Kubacki won the Polish title and Daiki Ito and Sara Takanashi became the Japanese champions.

The first Championship to be held was the Swiss Nationals that took place in Einsiedeln on the HS 117 Andreas-Küttler-Hill. Killian Peier achieved the national title for the third time in a row, jumping 116m and 106.5m. Simon Ammann, four times Olympic medallist, came in second with jumps of 115.5m and 107m. He was closely followed by Andreas Schuler on the third place (116m & 105m).

Lea Kindlimann dominated the ladies’ Nationals on the smaller HS74 hill. She jumped 100m and 64m. Sina Arnet became second as she had two solid jumps on 65.5m and 64m. Emely Torazza completed the podium, landing one 63m and 66m.

The Polish Nationals in Zakopane were clearly dominated by Dawid Kubacki. The 28-year old jumped 135.5mm and 136.5m on the HS140 Wielka Krokiew Hill. Piotr Zyla came in second after landing on 130m and 136.5m. The Olympic Gold medallist, Kamil Stoch, landed on the third place with slightly shorter jumps of 130m and 134.5m.

Japan had their National Championships in Hakuba on Saturday. Daiki Ito won the title on the HS131 hill with outstanding jumps of 131m and 133.5m. Naoki Nakamura was clearly behind the first place as he landed on 127.5m and 130m. The podium was completed by Keiichi Sato with jumps of 129m and 128.5m.

Sara Takanashi proved her amazing talent once again winning the Japanese Nationals with lengths of 124m and 114.5m. She was followed by Yuki Ito on the second place, landing on 1119.5m and 125m. Kaoli Iwabuchi became third as she jumped on 117.5m and 121m.

Author: Andrea Brandmüller