Ski jumping hill in Ruka to be closed untill Friday

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Antti Aalto

The weather conditions are changing the plans of the Finnish team. The weather in Northern Finland has been warmer than it usually is in November. The large hill in Ruka is closed until the 23rd of November.

The decision to close the hill was made by the organizers of Ruka Nordic. They have announced the news on their social media profiles. There is not much natural snow in Ruka and that gives more to worry about.

The General Secretary of Ruka Nordic, Seppo Linjakumpu, told to Yle that during the past 17 years as a General Secretary the weather in November has never been so mild as this year. He also told to Yle that the ice track would technically work even in +30 degrees, but the problem now is the landing area due to which the hill will be closed until Friday, the 23rd.

It seems that this week the temperature will stay over 0° degrees but next week, during the competition, it might go a bit under 0°C. If the weather stays as mild as it is these days, the condition of the hill is going to be problematic. The hill will be opened on Friday, the 23rd for the first official trainings to secure safe conditions for the jumpers. The organizers will do everything they can to make it possible for all the World Cup competittions to take place in Ruka next weekend.

Closing the hill has made it difficult for the Finnish team to train. The national team of Finland was supposed to train in Ruka before the season opening competitions in Wisla. The current situation leads the Finnish A team to move their last training camp to Zakopane. The head coach of Finland, Lauri Hakola, told to Yle that the team was supposed to have training on snow. In Zakopane they had to land on plastic after beging their jumps on ice track. That’s unfortunate that the athletes weren’t able to try landing on snow before the official trainings in Wisla.

The team which compete in Poland consists of Antti Aalto, Andreas Alamommo, Jarkko Määttä and Eetu Nousiainen. The B team and the challenger along with a few Nordic combined athletes and Julia Kykkänen will travel to Falun for the last training camp before the season start.

Author: Roosa Vilkanen