L-WC: Victory for Seyfarth and Iakovleva in Lillehammer

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:
Juliane Seyfarth

Juliane Seyfarth from Germany celebrated her first World Cup victory at the season opening on Friday.

Saturday’s second round started with the surprising disqualification of Sara Takanashi. The Russian Lidiia Iakovleva took the win.

The 28 year-old Juliane Seyfarth has never been on the podium before, but two jumps on 98.5m and 97m lead her straight to the first place on Friday evening. The host’s number one athlete, Maren Lundby, took the second place jumping 97m and 99m. The podium was completed by Sara Takanashi from Japan who landed on 88.5m and 94m.

Seyfarth’s teammates Kathatrina Althaus (88m & 91m) and Carina Vogt (88m & 91.5m) became 4th and 5th.


With two solid jumps on 95m and 96m Lidiia Iakovleva won Saturday’s competition on the HS98 hill. Maren Lundby ended second, like the day before, jumping on 101.5m and 88.5m. Ema Klinec from Slovenia reached the third place landing on 94.5m and 98m.

Katharina Althaus (93m & 97.5m) has just missed the podium, while yesterday’s winner Juliane Seyfarth (97.5m & 92m) took the fifth place.

Surprisingly, Sara Takanashi got disqualified before her jump in the second round.

Lillehammer is going to host another competition for the ladies on Sunday, this time on the HS 140 hill at 12.45 CET.


Source: fis-ski.com

Author: Andrea Brandmüller