M-COC: Double victory for Lindvik in Lillehammer

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

Marius Lindvik started the new Continental Cup season with two victories in front of his home crowd in Lillehammer.

In Saturday’s competition, the young Norwegian Lindvik jumped 129.5m and 130m, which secured him the first place. Felix Hoffmann from Germany followed him on the second place with jumps of 125.5m and 130m. Lindvik’s team mate Robin Pedersen completed the podium with 123m and 136m.

Constantin Schmid from Germany missed the podium and became fourth in the end (124m & 131m). The Austrian Thomas Hofer landed in both rounds on exactly 127m which lead him to the fifth place. Aleksander Zniszscol from Poland finished sixth (121.5m & 131m).

Marius Lindvik showed his talent also in Sunday’s competition. With jumps on 137m and 140m, the Norwegian took advantage of the HS140 Lysgårdsbakken, which is a well-known hill for Lindvik, and concluded the first COC weekend with another win. Saturday’s fourth, Constantin Schmid, managed to take the second place landing on 137.5m and 137m. Markus Schiffner from Austria took the third place on the podium with jumps of 125.5m and 136m.

Poland’s Aleksander Zniszczol was also able to improve his junping and ended fourth (139m & 135.5m). Due to the cancelled World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt, some World Cup athletes took the opportunity to compete in Lillehammer. Kevin Bickner from the USA was one of them, finishing Sunday’s COC competition on the fifth place (139.5m & 137.5m). His North-American teammate Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes from Canada became sixth (132m & 134.5m).


The next COC competition is going to be held in Notodden (NOR) between the 14th and the 15th of December. Marius Lindvik is the current leader of the Continental Cup (200 pts.).


Author: Andrea Brandmüller

Source: fis-ski.com