Seven Slovenians will compete in Lahti

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

The headcoach of team Slovenia, Gorazd Bertoncelj, has named the Slovenian team for the next World Cup competition in Lahti (8-10.02).

The absence of Timi Zajc who won in Oberstdorf at his debut on the ski flying hill may be a big surprise for many fans.

“Timi needs rest because it’s a very hard season for him. He needs to work on his technique and shape. He’s going to test new a equipment too.” – told Bertoncelj, interviewed by

Zajc is going to compete again in Willingen.


  • Anze Lanisek (23. in WC),
  • Anze Semenic (26. in WC),
  • Jernej Damjan (43. in WC,
  • Peter Prevc (44. in WC),
  • Jurij Tepes (56. in WC),
  • Ziga Jelar (63. in WC),
  • Bor Pavlovcic.

source: / FIS