Severin Freund underwent knee surgery

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Severin Freund

Severin Freund came back to World Cup in November after almost two years break. The bad luck is still with him. Yesterday he underwent another knee surgery.

The plan was different. Unfortunately I had to go to hospital again. My knee was in good condition before the tournament but this has unfortunately changed and it got worse a few weeks after the competitions. I had to stop jumping due to pain. The break and regeneration did not bring the results I was hoping for. After one of the trainings I met my doctor and we have decided to undergo another surgery. My meniscus was operated in Munich yesterday. It means that I will not be able to perform any more this season and it feels even worse to announce it just one day before the start of the upcoming World Champiosnhips. Of course, it’s not good but my main goals are still the same. In 2021 in Oberstdorf I want to compete in World Championships again.