It’s time to say goodbye…

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Robert Kranjec

The 2018/2019 winter season is over. Some of the athletes have decided to announce their retirement. Check who is not going to compete anymore.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to people who made you love ski jumping, were legends or were your favourite athletes. But it’s impossible to avoid it. We’re going to update this article if we find out that some more people decide to quit.


Davide Bresadola


born 10.09.1988
personal best: 204.5 m, Planica 2012

Also Italian Davide Bresadola decides to end his career. He made his World Cup debut in 2011.
Bresadola scored his last World Cup points in 2016/2017. In the previous season he started only once – in Val di Fiemme.
Sebastian Colloredo


born 09.09.1987
personal best: 221 m, Planica 2017

The Italian Sebastian Colloredo says goodbye to ski jumping. The last years weren’t that successfull for him. In the previous season he scored just 1 point while this winter didn’t bring him any World Cup points.
He started in the World Cup for the first time in 2005 in Harrachov and finished on the 10th place.


kenneth gangnes


born 15.05.1989
personal best: 248.5 m, Vikersund 2016

Norway’s Kenneth Gangnes decided to end his career in December. Unfortunately, he had several knee injuries during the last years and that was the main reason why he was forced to say goodbye.
In May 2010, Kenneth torned his right ACL for the first time. Three years later, in September, the nightmare happened again. Back then, noone believed he’ll be back.
He proved them wrong! He returned to jumping in the winter season 2015/2016 and finished it as the third best athlete in the overall standing. He also took a World Cup victory on his home hill in Lillehammer and got two medals at Ski Flying World Championships in Bad Mitterndorf – a team gold and an individually silver.
When it seemed that all is going in the right direction, he torned his ACL in the left knee in June 2016, followed by another injury in November 2017 – again torned ACL in left knee.
It was too much for him. After some attempts of comeback he announced his retirement.
However we’ll be able to see him at hill in the upcoming season while Kenneth is going to work as the serviceman of the Norwegian team.

joachim hauer


born 02.02.1991
personal  best: 243 m, Vikersund 2016

Joachim Hauer has decided to end his career due to lack of good results. Hauer was a strong and constant member of the team in 2015/2016 when he finished the season on the 20th place in the overall WC. He also made it to the podium in Nizhny Tagil.

Andreas Stjernen


born 30.07.1988
personal best: 249 m, Vikersund 2016

Andreas Stjernen was thinking on ending his career already during the previous season. This year the time has come. 30-years-old Stjernen had a serious crash in Lahti and after that he did not feel comfortable in the air. This is one of the reasons of his decision, however he has made his decision earlier this season. He also told that he can imagine staying connected to ski jumping as a possible trainer for example, but right now he would like to focus on other things. He made his last jump in Trondheim where he finished on the 2nd place.
For all these years he was a very strong part of the team. In PeyongChang he won a gold medal in the team competition. He also secured a silver medal at World Championships in Lahti in 2017. This season he came home from Seefeld with a bronze medal from the mixed competition.
It’s not a surprise that Stjernen was a very good ski flyer. He took the gold in the team competition at the Ski Flying World Championships in Oberstdorf. Stjernen is also the winner of the overall Ski Flying World Cup in 2017/2018.


Przemysław Kantyka


born 15.12.1996

Przemysław Kantyka was a member of the B team. He made his debut in the World Cup in Zakopane (20.01.2019) where he finished on the 48th place. In the Summer Grand Prix in 2018 he made it to the final round twice – in Wisła (21.) and Courchevel (30.).


Robert Kranjec


born 16.07.1981
personal best: 244 m, Vikersund 2012

Robert Kranjec. Ski Flyer. Legend. He competed in the World Cup for the first time in Trondheim in 1998. In 2001 he experienced a very serious accident in Planica which could have ended his career. Luckily, he came back to hill and scored his first World Cup points in Kuusamo (26.). That is also the place where he took his first World Cup victory in 2005. 6 of his 7 World Cup victories are on ski flying hills.
He’s an Olympic bronze medalist (Salt Lake City – LH, team) and a World Championship (Oslo – LH, team). Kranjec won the overall ski Flying World Cup twice – in 2009/2010 and 2011/2012. He’s also a Ski Flying World Champion (2012) and winner of the KOP Cup (2011/2012).

Tomaz Naglic


born 18.07.1989
personal best: 225.5 m, Planica 2018

“I feel it’s not the same thing anymore. Something inside me says that I should end my career and start a new life. I don’t have a job yet but I see myself as a coach. I’ve finished the university and have some basics to work as a coach. I’ve knowledge and experience which I can share with the younger generations.” – told Naglic after his last jump, interviewed by
Tomaz Naglic scored his first World Cup points on the 8th of January 2011 in Harrachov.  It was also the first WC he took part in. The biggest achievment of Naglic is an 8th place in the WC in Zakopane in 2014.


Luca Egloff


born 06.06.1995
personal best: 204 m, Planica 2018

We unfortunately don’t know the reason why Luca Egloff quit ski jumping but we can suppose that it’s due to lack of good results.
He made his debut in the World Cup in 2014/2015 and since that time he was never able to make it to the final round.  In the Summer Grand Prix in 2015 he scored 115 points and was ranked on 25th place in the overall ranking.

source: FIS/ source