World Cup in Ljubljana?

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
World Cup in Ljubljana, Puchar Świata w Lublanie,

When we hear Slovenia, the first thing that comes into our minds is Planica. What would you say about two Slovenian World Cup weekends? A World Cup in Ljubljana? Sounds good!

Janez Gorisek is one of the most important persons who is responsible for the development of Slovenian sport. During most of his life he was very close to ski jumping and he still is. He used to be a ski jumper himself. Back then, he met Stanko Bloudek and together with his brother, Vlad, they started working on some new projects. Also the son of Janez, Sebastjan, started to work with them in 2000.


The new project, which they have shared the journalists of, plans the renovation of the old hill Šiška. What is left from the old hill is just the hill tower which is already in a very bad condition. It was one of the hills which was designed by Stanko Bloudek. Also Janez Gorisek took part in the competitions which were organized there.

“There were around 15-20.000 people there” – told for Janez Gorisek who took his fist international victory there. The conditions are excellent there. Janez and Sebastjan Gorisek have huge respect towards Sanko Bloudek, Slovenian designer and builder.


Gorisek and Smolej plan to renovate the hill in Ljubljana in a very special way. This project is supposed to be different than the others. They have designed the inrun to start from the hotel. The K-point should be on 120 m. There will also be a sports center at the bottom of the hill which will bring benefits not only to Ljubljana but the whole country. “We upgraded the hill from 70 to 120 meters. We added also the hotel which would be located on the highest point from where the hill will also start. At the bottom of the hill there will be possibility to organize all kinds of events. There can also be a police station, a huge parking area, a kindergarden etc. The arena should live every day of the year. It’s ot going to be only a hill but a multifunctional building” – told Smolej.

“We would be able to organize trainings for the athletes from all over the world. They would be able to stay at hotel and they would be able to use a training center at the lower part of the hill. That’s also the benefit of Ljubljana – parking lots, police…” – added Sebastjan Gorisek.


The most important part of the project is the memorial of Stanko Bloudek. One of the main goals is to organize a World Cup competition in Ljubljana. “Planica organizes the World Cup finals and the athletes are jumping there for 50 years. I’d like Ljubljana to be the organizer of a World Cup one day” – finished Sebastjan Gorisek.