Kevin Maltsev and Annemarii Bendi with titles

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
KEVIN MALTSEV mistrzostwa estonii

Kevin Maltsev and Annemarii Bendi won the Estonian Championships on the HS100 hill in Otepaeae.

annemarii bendi wins

There were only four competitors on the start. Annemarii Bendi took the win with jumps on 81.5 and 89.5 m. The second place went to Triinu Hausenberg (74 m & 78.5 m), followed by Carena Roomets (54 & 55 m).

kevin maltsev best among men

Kevin Maltsev dominated the men category. He landed on 88 and 97 m. Martti Nomme (85.5 & 93 m) was ranked on second. The podium was completed by Kristjan Ilves (88.5 & 85.5 m).

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