Visit the Ski Museum in Harrachov

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Muzeum Narciarstwa

The Czechs are not among the best ski jumping nations. The hills in Harrachov, which were once on the World Cup map, are closed but there is also a Ski Museum there which is definitely worth to visit.


The founders of the Ski Museum in Harrachov are the Slavik brothers – twins, Josef and Stanislav. Years ago they visited Birger Ruud’s Museum in Kongsberg, Norway and that’s how the idea of having their own museum was born. First they wanted to open it on the day of their 50th birthday. Unfortunately they could not make it possible and that’s why the opening was held on the 2nd of September 2017 instead. Stars like Zbynek Hubac, Dalibor Mateljek, Zdenek Remsa, Leos Skoda, Rudolf Hoehnel, Josef Nuesser, Ladislav Divila and Karel Kodejska were invited.


The Slavik family lives in Harrachov for generations. The grandfather of the twins, Josef, married a German lady and in 1939 twins were born – Horst and Wolfgang. Their life wasn’t easy neither during nor after the World War but luckily family background in sports wasn’t important. They both started to jump and then worked as coaches. What’s more, they both got twins.
The founders of the Ski Museum are Horst’s sons. They weren’t succesful in sport and that’s why at the age of 20 they became the youngest FIS judges in ski jumping. They also work as technical delegats on World Cup level. Moreover, Josef is a ski jumping hill constructor and a member of FIS commission which rates the condition of ski jumping hills. He was responsible for the Certak project in 2000.


The Ski Museum has over 8000 pieces on exhibition which were collected by the Slavik family. They have over 300 pairs of skis and one of them are Jaroslav Bukovic’s Fischer skis who made the first jump on Certak on the 7th of March, 1980.
There are also a lot of prizes and skis of Pavel Ploc. We’re able to see historical skis from the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix in 1924.

It is a very interesting and special museum and it’s definitely worth a visit.


Photo gallery is avaliable HERE.

source: Vesely Vylet/own infos