Andreas Kofler says goodbye

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:

The Olympic Silver medallist from Austria declares his retirement in Vienna on Monday.

“It is an important, a difficult, but at the same time beautiful day for me. To say goodbye to ski jumping is of course not easy. In the past years, I fought and struggled a lot. It is now time for a new path to open up and therefore, I want to officially announce my retirement.” stated the 34 year old policeman from Tyrol, who had to skip the 2018/19 season due to an autoimmune illness.

“I am looking back to many wonderful years during which I made new friends and celebrated a lot of achievements in ski jumping. I am very grateful for having been able to experience all of these moments.”

Kofler won Olympic Gold with the Austrian team in 2006 and 2010 as well as three Team Gold medals at the Ski Jumping World Championships in 2007 and 2011. In 2009/10, the Austrian won the Four-Hills-Tournament. Kofler finished with a third place in the Overall World Cup in 2010/11. He celebrated 12 World Cup victories during his 25-year long ski jumping career.


Author: Andrea Brandmüller