Jeno Farinon is the new Belgian record holder

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jeno farinon

The Belgian Jeno Farinon has decided to break the national record in just two weeks. With the help of the Austrian Daniel Keil everything went well and he set the new record on 37 metres.

The idea of jumping came into my mind around two years ago when I was watching an episode of a Belgian TV show where participants were taking up different challanges. One of them was to jump from the ski flying hill in two weeks. Obviously, it’s impossibe but he made a 14 m jump which was a new Belgian record – tells Jeno Farinon to us.

The first record holder in Belgium was Tom Waes who jumped 14 m a on K25 hill in 2012.

7 years ago the freestyle skier, Rembert Notten, set the new Belgian record on 35 meter. – continues Jeno Farinon.

A Belgian journalist wrote an article about ski jumping and later on she went to Innsbruk to try it herself – on a K10 hill. I sent a message to her coach and then he told me that I should contact Daniel Keil. I’m very lucky I’ve found Dani because I don’t think there would be a more suitable man for this job – says the new record holder.

Lots of ski jumpers and people who start their adventure with this sport tell about the fear they feel before the jumps. How did Jeno feel?

I wasn’t really scared. Of course, the first jumps from the bigger hills were always an adrenaline rush but that wasn’t fear. I had one bad crash and the next day I was a little bit scared. But I could feel that fear only on the start gate. In the end all ended up well. – says Jeno.

We have also asked Jeno about his future plans, whether he wants to continue his ski juming adventure and maybe take part in the Olympics.

I don’t have plans yet. It’s not easy to find a place where you can jump but I really liked it. It’s an amazing feeling.

The project of setting a new Belgian record was succesfully finished. After not even two weeks of training, Jeno Farinon made his dream come true. What is more, he broke the old record twice! On the hill in Höhnhart, he landed first on 36 meter. As the second try he jumped 37 m what became the new Belgian record.

The videos from the preparations to beat the Belgian record you can find on Instagram – Belgium Skijumping .

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