SGP in Zakopane: Team Japan wins, Bartol sets the new hill record

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
SGP in Zakopane Junshiro Kobayashi

Japan team won the team SGP in Zakopane ahead of Poland and Norway. Tilen Bartol set the new hill record.

Naoki Nakamura (134 / 133.5 m), Keiichi Sato (127 / 133.5 m), Yukiya Sato (134.5 / 141.5 m) and Junshiro Kobayashi (131 / 133.5 m) were the best in today’s SGP in Zakopane.

The second place was occupied by team Poland (Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki). The Nowegian athletes (Halvor Egner Granerud, Thomas Aasen Markeng, Marius Lindvik and Johann Andre Forfang) completed the podium.

What more, Tilen Bartol jumped 144 metres and set the new hill record.

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source: FIS