Kamil Stoch: “I’m working hard”

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
Kamil Stoch

Kamil Stoch was the best in Sunday’s Summer Grand Prix competition in Zakopane. Check out what did he say at the press conference.

Did you expect a victory?

– I don’t know how did it happen. Honestly, I didn’t plan to win, I wanted to jump good. Already on Friday I felt that I’m in good shape. The two last months of hard work has finally brought some results. I’m really happy that it has happened here in Zakopane.

What do you need to improve even more this summer?

-I’m working hard on my inrun position. I want to find a good feeling to stabilize the take off’s direction and to improve my speed. At some point I’ve already made some improvement but that’s not constant and that is why I need to keep working on it. Untill the end of the summer and also during the autumn I’ll need to pay a lot of attention to that.

The Olympic champion’s victory over bad luck in Zakopane

-I don’t know how this bad luck in Zakopane started but there’s something right about it. Somehow during the past 2 years’ individual competitions something didn’t work and also the conditions weren’t good. But now I was optimistic. I was focused on making good jumps. I was very motivated and wanted to enjoy this weekend. I’m really happy that I can celebrate my success in front of my home crowd thanks to good jumps.

Crowd in Zakopane.

-It’s possible that the SGP event could be promoted a bit more but we’re not going to force anyone to come to the hill. During the winter fans are always here for us. In the summer the jumping isn’t that spectacular and might be even boring.

Correspondence from Zakopane, Jakub Bachta and Krzysztof Sachmata