COC Ladies: Austrian victory in Rena on day two

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

Austria’s Sophie Sorschag took the victory in Sunday’s competition in Rena. She was followed by two Russian athletes, Irma Makhinia on the second and yesterday’s winner, Ksenia Kablukova on the third.

Leader of the ladies Continental Cup, Sophie Sorschag was the best in today’s individual competition in Rena. With the longest jump of the weekend, 105 m in the first round and with 103.5 m in the second one, Sorschag took the victory. She was very satisfied with her jumps and told that Rena became her favourite hill in Europe. It was her second COC victory after winning in Nottoden earlier this season.

The second place went to Russia’s Irma Makhinia who ended with jumps of 99 and 101.5 m. The third place was taken by her teammate, Ksenia Kablukova who landed on 98 and 99 m. Both Russian girls enjoyed very much jumping in Rena and they are both looking forward to competing in the World Cup in Oberstdorf.

The next COC event for the ladies will take place in Brotterode, Germany between the 8th and 9th of February.

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