M-WC: Germany claims the win in a thrilling competition

Author: Andrea Brandmüller, Published:

The German team showed a great strength of nerve as they won by a margin of 2.3 points ahead of Slovenia. Thus, Germany has won two out of four team competitions this season.

Constantin Schmid (127.5m & 112.5m), Pius Paschke (121m & 122m), Stephan Leyhe (127m & 125m) as well as Karl Geiger (128m & 121m) were second after the first round. The Slovenian team was in the lead with 0.7 points more than Germany, the win almost tangible. Cene Prevc (121m & 120.5m), Timi Zajc (130m & 124m) and Peter Prevc (120m & 121.5m) had to wait for the final result until it was Anze Lanisek’s turn to jump. The latter jumped 127m in the first round and managed to land on 121m in the second round, which is the exact length of Geiger’s last jump. Since the German had worse wind condititions, he had clear advantages which led to the second place for Slovenia. Austria came in third, represented by Philipp Aschenwald (122.5m & 123.5m), Stefan Huber (117m & 128m), Michael Hayböck (120m & 121m) and Stefan Kraft (127m & 126.5m).

Austria extends its lead in the Nations Cup (4356p.), followed by Germany (4357p.) and Norway (3899p.).

Tomorrow, the last competition in Lahti will be held at 15:30 CET.

Here you can see the results and the Nations Cup Standings.