Andreas Felder resigns from his position as head coach

Author: Andrea Brandmüller, Published:

The 58-year-old head coach of the Austrian Ski Jumping Team published his decision in an official statement of the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) on Monday. He has been coaching the team since 2018.

The decision to retire was taken in mutual consent. Felder has taken over the team in April 2018, after a disastrous season for the Austrians. Over the past two years, he has reached 40 podiums in the World Cup and 11 victories with the Austrian team as well as three medals in the World Championships in Seefeld 2019. Furthermore, Stefan Kraft was able to win the Crystal Globe for the second time this season.

Press commentary

As Felder has once again become a father in February 2020, he is not able to fulfill his duties as effectively as before:

“Being head coach of the Austrian National Ski Jumping Team requires dedication and is extremely demanding. This duty is not compatible with my current private situation. The past two years were a tremendous enrichement for me as we were having success in ski jumping. I would therefore like to thank all the persons involved in my work. I am looking forward to new challenges and would like to wish my successor all the best.”

The president of the Austrian Ski Federation, Mario Stecher, regrets Felder’s retirement from office.

“The ÖSV (Austrian Ski Federation) and myself cannot thank Felder enough. He took over the job two years ago during a very difficult period. Despite of this, he managed to get the best out of every athlete. Thus, we have to pay our greatest respect to him. (…) Now it is our task to find the right constellation of team members for the athletes as there are several highlights provided for us in the upcoming season.”

Source: ÖSV