Vörös Virág: I am not in an easy situation

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

The 20-years-old Hungarian female ski jumper made sport history during a couple of weeks in January and February this past winter season. However, in Lillehammer everything has came to an end. At least temporary.

She has collected her first World Cup points in Rasnov in January where she finished on the 30th place. Virág was getting better and better with each competition, she ended 29th in Oberstdorf and Hinzenbach and 25th in Ljubno. Those were also the first World Cup points in the history of Hungarian Ladies Ski Jumping. The last time a Hungarian ski jumper collected World Cup points was in 1984 in Lake Placid.

I am very proud of being able to finish in TOP30 and getting my first points. I am specially glad that I could finish on the 25th place in Ljubno which is my best ranking so far.

Virág has suffered ACL rupture for the second time during her career after a fall at the training round in Lillehammer. It is her left leg just like 4 years ago. The rehabilitation period this time will be 7-8 months due to a cartilage detachment on the same knee.

She underwent surgery on the 18th of March at home in Hungary but she is having difficulties beginning with proper rehabilitation due to the Covid-19 situation.

I am doing the exercises alone at home. It is not easy but that is the only option right now. I am in contact with my physical therapist who is helping me online. Because I have already went through this process once I know what to expect and how things go. I am already walking without crutches.

Virág, who collected 12 World Cup points during two months and ended on the 42th place in the overall has already set her goals for the upcoming season. She is hoping to be able to compete at the World Championships in Oberstdorf in 2021. Her long term dream is to compete at the next Olympic Winter Games.

Source: blikk.hu, fis-ski.com