Ziga Jelar: Ski jumping is my priority

Author: Aga Pająk, Published:
ziga jelar

Last season was very good for Ziga Jelar who was able to stand on the podium in Lillehammer. We’ve talked to him about ski jumping and his music passion.


Since the competition in Willingen, Ziga Jelar didn’t finish outside the Top 30. The 23-years-old Slovenian didn’t expect that he’d stand on the podium in Lillehammer.

“I actually had pretty bad start into the season in December. But later I became more confident. I didn’t expect to stand on the podium but I was focused on one goal – to show my best jumps and prove that I’m able to stand on the podium in the World Cup” – said Ziga Jelar


Injuries are nightmares of every athlete. Ziga Jelar had struggled with them in the two previous years.

“Actually I had problems with injuries two years in a row. Firstly with my left knee in 18/19 and then with the right one at the end of summer 2019, right before winter 19/20 due to a crash at the landing in Planica. I had some good jumps in summer 2019 so I knew if I could be fit and everything will be ok, I will achieve good results. ” – says Jelar.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed training plans of most teams and a lot of athletes were forced to train at home.

” We also had individual training at home. I live in a village so for me it was not a big problem to train for four weeks by myself. I did basic power training, some running, cycling and also stabilization training.”

Ziga Jelar hopes as well that spectators will be able to watch the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica in December.


Ziga Jelar’s huge passion is music. He recorded the song “Prijatelji” and while in quarantine he wanted to give people some good energy and recorded the cover of “Dance with somebody”

“I started to play music when I was 5. I’ve loved music since I can remember. I play accordion which is how I first started. Later on I started playing guitar, and also a little bit of piano. I like to sing almost everything, except some metal or something like that.”

There are plenty of ski jumpers who are into music as well.

“We meet each other just during competitons so we are focused on main goal – skijumping. But we had some free time during Raw Air this season where I went to see Maciej and Piotr’s guitars. They are great guys to talk with”

Ziga Jelar’s first song “Prijatelji” is avaliable on YouTube. In the videoclip of the cover of “Dance with somebody” videos were used of people from all around the world dancing and singing.

“It was hard situation all over the world for us all. I decided to invite people to dance and sing. I think these are the small things which put smiles back on your face. It was really nice to see that people have responded and I hope I could steal some boring time during quarantine.”


“Right now ski jumping is my priority. I want to achieve something in sport that people will remember me and that they will have their idol. But not just because of results. I also want them to remember me as a hardworking athlete with a great personality. This is my main goal and the most important thing in my life. But after my ski jumping career is over, it’d be nice to go into music. It’s been part of my life since I was born.”

source: own information
interviewed by: Agnieszka Pająk