Budget cuts in Norway

Author: Reka Hodgyai, Published:

Raw Air without spectators and the cancellation of other winter events put the Norwegian Ski Association in a difficult situation. Changes in the budget for the next season must be made and this affects the ski jumping team as well, who already feel its consequences.

While most of the other nations have already announced their teams for the 2020-2021 winter season, there is still no news about it from Norway. Head coach Alexander Stoeckl is still not sure what resources they will have and how many athletes can secure place for on the A and B teams.

We still don’t have everything that is needed to be arranged in order to announce the teams. – says Stoeckl.

The original budget for the upcoming season was 31 million Norwegian krone which, according to the Ski Federation, has to be reduced to around 22-24 millions.

It is not easy to make plans, divide and prioritise out of this new budget we have, but we are trying to make it somehow to work. As it looks right now, we will not be able to announce our teams before the beginning of June, which is much later than we usually do. – states Clas Brede Braathen, who is trying to be optimistic and believes that they can make ends meet. He also mentions their sponsors who try to support them as much as they can.

We are going to have the Ski Flying World Championships this year and we want to have our jumpers to be able to fight for defending their titles. – adds Braathen.

Unfortunately no-one can feel safe in this situation. There are 24 people who work with the jumpers, both men and women, on the A and B teams. Half of them might have to leave. Travel and training camp expenses are also going to be discussed.

Source: dagbladet.no