What’s up in Russia?

Author: Mateusz Oszust, Published:
Dmitrij Wassiliew

It’s been 3 months since the early season ending. Let’s check what happened during that time in the Russian team.

A disappointing men’s season. What’s next?

The last season wasn’t too good as evidenced by 9th place in the Nations Cup. Only 3 athletes were able to gather any points: Evgeniy Klimov, Roman Trofimov and Dimitry Vassiliev. The first one was, again, a team leader, but all in all his results weren’t too satisfying, which resulted in overall 31st place in the World Cup. Despite these facts, the Russian federation decided to let Evgeniy Plekhov continue his work as a men’s head coach.

The Russian federation announced broad teams for the upcoming season 2020/2021. There are some surprises, eg. Alexander Sardyko, which struggled a lot during a few past seasons or Nikolay Matavin, whose best winter result is 61st place… in FIS Cup… in December 2017!


  • Aleksandr Bazhenov (1994)
  • Vladislav Boyarintsev (1995)
  • Dimitry Vassiliev (1979)
  • Evgeniy Klimov (1994)
  • Denis Kornilov (1986)
  • Mikhail Maksimochkin (1993)
  • Nikolay Matavin (1997)
  • Mikhail Nazarov (1994)
  • Alexander Sardyko (1990)
  • Roman Trofimov (1989)
  • Vadim Shishkin (1995)
  • Ilmir Hazetdinov (1991)


  • Maxim Alchikov (2005)
  • Konstantin Izvolskiy (2005)
  • Maxim Kolobov (2002)
  • Daniil Kraskovskiy (2005)
  • Ilya Mankov (2003)
  • Artem Myasnikov (2004)
  • Oleg Pavlenko (2001)
  • Mikhail Purtov (2002)
  • Danil Sadreev (2003)
  • Daniil Shchegolev (2002)

Women’s team in development

Women’s performances were much better than men’s. 6th place in the Nations Cup and 6 athletes with World Cup points, from which Sofia Tikhonova was 16th in the overall ranking, were strong arguments for Roman Kerov, who’s still the head coach of the women’s team. Fulfilling performances and some perspectives resulted in broadening the main team to 10 athletes.


  • Irina Avvakumova (1991)
  • Aleksandra Barantceva (2001)
  • Alina Borodina (2002)
  • Anna Zhukova (1999)
  • Ksenia Kablukova (1998)
  • Irma Makhinia (2002)
  • Kristina Prokopieva (2000)
  • Sofia Tikhonova (1998)
  • Anna Shpyneva (2002)
  • Lidiia Iakovleva (2001)


  • Diana Vassilieva (2005)
  • Anastassiya Ivanenko (2005)
  • Kristina Kruchinina (2004)
  • Liya Makhinia (2001)
  • Elizaveta Mokhova (2003)
  • Ksenia Piskunova (2004)
  • Anastassiya Repina (2003)
  • Anastassiya Subbotina (2004)
  • Diana Toropchenova (2002)
  • Alexiya Kharitonova (2002)

Alexandra Kustova suspended

One of the most commonly known suspentions in ski jumping is Dimitry Vassiliev’s in 2001. He was not allowed to jump for two years for using doping. Now his countrywoman shared a similar fate. Alexandra Kustova has been suspended for violation of the procedure for providing information on the location. The situation is related to avoiding doping controls. She’ll be able to jump again beginning with spring 2021.

Here’s what Dimitry Dubrovsky, the president of the Russian Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined Federation, said:

Alexandra is trying to maintain her physical shape. She is not done with the sport and still has perspectives of competing at the Olympics in China. Already in August [2019], when it all happened, we realized that there were almost zero chances of leniency in this case considering developments in the global anti-doping sphere. We knew back then that Alexandra’s carelessness, to put it mildly, would cost her dearly. Her suspension will expire in the spring of 2021, but she will miss the upcoming World Championship in Oberstdorf. We are certainly disappointed. Alexandra punished herself with her own lack of discipline and carelessness. It once again demonstrates how serious the requirements are for athletes stipulated by the ADAMS [Anti-Doping Administration & Management System], which obligates them to provide information about the whereabouts. This will serve as a lesson for other athletes as well. These issues are currently under an extremely tight control.

No jumping yet

The coronavirus is still a serious problem for the sport world. Russia is 3rd in the number of total disease cases. They have many restrictions, which affect professional sport. Blue Bird tournament was cancelled in March and no local competitions have been organised since that time, although Russia normally arranges plenty of them. What’s more, the Russian athletes still haven’t trained on the hills while most of other teams have already performed such trainings. Possibly they’ll start their hill trainings in the second half of June, but the situation is complicated due to the coronavirus.

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