Jurij Tepes quits and focuses on coaching

Author: Andrea Brandmüller, Published:
Jurij Tepes

The 31-year-old Slovenian Jurij Tepes, known for his skills in ski-flying, announced his retirement on Tuesday. He will instead concentrate on coaching younger athletes in Kranj, Slovenia.

Jurij Tepes has been in the ski jumping business for 12 seasons and became known for his dedication to ski flying. He celebrated both of his two World Cup victories in a ski flying competition, and both on his home hill in Planica. The victory achieved in 2015 came along with a wide range of emotions. Not only did the judges give him 5-times 20 points, which is the highest you can get in the style-ranking. By winning the final World Cup competition in Planica 2015, he unintentionally prohibited his team-mate Peter Prevc from winning the golden globe. The latter had less individual victories than Severin Freund, who therefore won the 2014/15 season. Still, Peter has never been mad about that, stated Tepes.

Reasons for ending his career

Despite winning bronze medals with the team in the Ski-Jumping-WCS 2011 and Ski-Flying-WCS 2012, Tepes began struggling.

“I always had difficulties concerning the weight appropriate for competitions. I had little body fat, but too much muscles. That was an advantage at the height of my career, but nowadays, less weight is crucial.” (skispringen.com)

Therfore, he had already thought about ending his career last year. However, he changed his plans in order to take part in the Ski Flying WCS in Planica that were planned to be held in March 2020. The rapid spread of covid-19 stopped the season to continue and Tepes decided to end his Career nevertheless.

“Every Slovenian ski Jumper would love to end his Career in Planica. Sadly, it is not granted to me. (…) I was able to gain lots of valuable experiences. Furthermore, I am happy to have come that far in my career.” (berkutschi.com)

The 31-year-old is now going to focus on coaching younger athletes in Kranj.

winterszus.pl wishes Jurij Tepes all the best for the future!