Summer Grand Prix 2020 latest news

Author: Mateusz Oszust, Published:

During the last FIS meeting in May the Summer Grand Prix calendar was agreed. However, there were two uncertain issues to resolve.

Polish inauguration

Wisła was supposed to choose between two dates, 22-23 August and 05-06 September. The situation was doubtful because of the restrictions related to the coronavirus. Organizers said that they wouldn’t set up competitions without fans.

Finally, the decision is August-favorable, so the Summer Grand Prix 2020 will begin on the Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka, the same as in the previous years. However, the allowed number of fans and journalists who can enter the hill will be limited.

Competitions at the largest of large hills

The second SGP 2020 weekend (05-06 September) will take place in Kazakhstan. However, the location of this event was uncertain. Kazakh organisers were hesitating between National Ski Center in Shchuchinsk and Gorney Gigant in Almaty. Finally, the first option was chosen.

The large hill in Shchuchinsk is known as the largest one used in summer. Jurij Tepeš jumped 154 m on this hill on the 11th of July, 2018 during the hill opening, which is the unofficial summer record.