1 month till Summer Grand Prix 2020

Author: Mateusz Oszust, Published:

22nd July 2020 – that’s today’s date. Normally we’d be after or just before the first SGP competitions. But this year is different and at this time we’re exactly one month before the inauguration. What is known so far?

An exceptional season

The summer season is due to start on 22nd of August. There hasn’t been such a late inauguration since the first SGP edition, which took place on 28th August 1994!

What’s more, FIS decided to replace a team event in Wisła with another individual one, which means that there’ll be no team competition this summer. Such a situation was previously in 2002.

Some facts, some more questions…

  • As mentioned above, there’re going to be 2 individual competitions in Wisła, Poland. Today it was finally decided that 999 fans will be allowed to enter the hill. The ticket sale should be started soon.
  • Kazakhstan wants to organize competitions in Shchuchinsk, about what about here. However, many teams claim that they won’t go there. That means that the competitions may be cancelled because of lack of required 8 nations participating.
  • The same situation applies to competitions in Chaykovskiy (Russia). If the worst scenario happens, there’ll be only 3 SGP competitions this summer!
  • Austrian Ski Association decided to cancel all the summer competitions, about what we wrote here. That decision resulted in cancelling a planned competition in Hinzenbach as well.
  • German event in Klingenthal seems to be organized normally, with limited amount of fans and journalists. Some final decisions are about to be made at the end of August.
  • The Japanese will not take part in any competition this season by the decision of their ski federation.