SGP 2020 with only one weekend!

Author: Mateusz Oszust, Published:

Last week we informed you about some latest news about SGP 2020 and cancellation of the competition in Klingenthal. Since then, more nasty news have seen the daylight…

Shchuchinsk and Chaykovskiy competitions were cancelled because of the pandemic situation. What’s more, even if they were organised, they wouldn’t come to an end because of lack of participating teams. Only 3 nations decided to apply for competitions in Russia, while the required minimum is 8.

That makes the weekend in Wisła the only one event during SGP 2020. Moreover, FIS decided not to reward the overall winner with any prize. 999 fans will be allowed to see 2 individual competitions.

The same situation applies to Women SGP. After cancellation of competitions Shchuchinsk, Chaykovsky and Klingenthal, there’s only one competition left in the calendar in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. No fans will be able to enter the hill area during the event.

Let’s hope that the upcoming winter will be more gracious for ski jumping fans…