L-SGP: Nika Kriznar wins the qualification

Author: Andrea Brandm├╝ller, Published:
Nika Kriznar

The Slovenians began their weekend on a high as Nika Kriznar won the qualification in Frenstat ahead of her team-mate Ursa Bogataj and the Japanese Sara Takanashi.

Nika Kriznar (126.4p.), Ursa Bogataj (126.1p.) and Sara Takanashi (122.2p.) all jumped 97m, but were divided by style- and wind-points at the end. Nazomi Maruyama, Takanashi’s team-mate, came in fourth after jumping 99m (119.3p.). Silje Opseth represented Norway on the fifth place (96.5m; 118.9p.), while Irina Avvakumova from Russia secured the sixth place (96m; 114.8p.). Ema Klinec rounded off Slovenia’s successful start into the weekend on the seventh place (93.5m; 107.9p.). Abigail Strate from Canada reached a place in the TOP10 as she jumped 95m, thus finishing eighth (107.2p.). Juliane Seyfarth (92m; 104.9p.) and Katharina Althaus (90.5m; 104p.) completed the TOP10 on the ninth and tenth place respectively.

Austria’s best ranked athlete was Lisa Eder on place 14 (88m; 100.1p.). Slovenia could secure two more TOP20 places with Spela Rogelj (88.5m; 98.6p.) on the 17th and Jerneja Brecl (87m; 96.5p.) on the 20th place. Japan also had four athletes among the best 20 as Kaori Iwabuchi (93.5m; 101.2p.) and Yuki Ito (86m; 98.5p.) came in 13th and 18th.

Sunday’s competition will take place at 10:30 CET.

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