M-COC: Maiden victory for Mika Schwann in Frenstat

Author: Andrea Brandmüller, Published:

The day before, Mika Schwann (AUT) was second, but today, he was able to climb the highest rank of the podium. Cestmir Kozisek (CZE) represented the hosting country on the second place, while Maciej Kot (POL) came in third.

Jumps on 104.5m and 102.5m secured the young Austrian his maiden COC-victory (250.6p.). Cestmir Kozisek was left behind on the second place, having seven points less than Schwann (243.6p.). The Czech athlete jumped 104 and 102.5m. Maciej Kot improved his result in comparison to yesterday’s fifth place, as he finished third. The Pole had jumps on 106m and 99.5m (243.5p.).

Yesterday’s winner, Viktor Polasek missed the podium with jumps on 101.5m and 98.5m (239.6p.). Markus Müller (104m & 96.5m; 238.7p.) and Stefan Rainer (100m & 100.5m; 233.5p.) completed a successful competition for the Austrians as they finished 5th and 9th respectively. Kevin Maltsev (EST) reached another TOP10 result, coming in sixth (101m & 101m; 238.1p.). The current COC-leader, Eetu Nousiainen (FIN) also collected more points on the seventh place (99m & 102.5m; 235.4p.). Robin Pedersen was Norway’s best athlete again, having jumped 100.5m and 99m, thus coming in eighth (235.3p.). Kacper Juroszek (POL; 98.5m & 106.5m) shared the 10th place with Jernej Presecnik (SLO; 99.5m & 100.5m). Both gained 232.6 points.

The Germans had a rather difficult competition as David Siegel (96m & 104.5m; 231.2p.; 12th) and Moritz Baer (96.5m & 99.5m; 226.8p.; 18th) were the only ones represented in the TOP20.

Eetu Nousiainen remains the COC-leader with 238 points, but Mika Schwann catches up due to his victory (216p.). Philipp Raimund takes the third place (179p.).

The next chance for the athletes to prove themselves will be Rasnov (ROU) from Aug 21-22.

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