M-COC: Villumstad wins in Oslo

Author: Andrea Brandmüller, Published:
19.09.2021 Podium LPK w Oslo / fot. Sjur Martin Kleppan / Hopplandslaget

Fredrik Villumstad (NOR) celebrated a home victory as he beat Manuel Fettner (AUT) and Jakub Wolny (POL) in Oslo.

The Norwegian jumped 102m and 104.5m which led him to his maiden victory (237.2p.). Manuel Fettner from Austria was close behind on the second place. He jumped 100m and 101m (233.9p.). Poland’s Jakub Wolny completed the podium (102.5 & 98.5m; 231.1p.).

Daniel André Tande was competing for the second time on Sunday after his horrible crash in Planica in March. The Norwegian finished fourth after having jumped 100m and 98m (229p.). Stefan Hula (POL) rounded off the TOP5 with jumps on 101.5m and 98m (228.7p.).

Anders Fannemel (104.5m & 94.5m; 224.3p.) and Benjamin Oestvold (101.5m & 95m; 223.2p.) represented Norway in the TOP10 on the seventh and eighth place respectively. Mika Schwann (99.5m & 99m; 228.2p.) and Daniel Tschofenig (95.5m & 101m; 219.5p.) supported the Austrian team. Klemens Muranka was the third Polish athlete among the best ten jumpers as he finished tenth (95m & 98.5m; 217.9p.).

Mika Schwann remains the leader of the Continental Cup with 517 points. Manuel Fettner (490p.) and Fredrik Villumstad (366p.) will try to attack the lead during the next competitions. These will take place in Klingenthal (GER) on Sat, 25 Sept and Sun, 26 Sept.

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