M-COC: Timon Pascal Kahofer celebrates maiden victory in Klingenthal

Author: Andrea Brandm├╝ller, Published:

The young Austrian won his first COC competition on Saturday ahead of Lovro Kos (SLO) and his team-mate Manuel Fettner.

Kahofer jumped 138.5m and 125m on the HS140-hill in Klingenthal (GER) which led him to a clear victory (235.7p.). Lovro Kos from Slovenia was beaten by the Austrian after having been in a tight duel with him. The Slovenian jumped 130m and 133.5m (226.6p.). Kahofer’s team-mate Manuel Fettner completed the podium with jumps on 133.5m and 130m (225.5p.).

Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng (NOR) surprised the audience with a first jump on 142m. However, he still missed the podium after the second round (129m; 221.4p.). Stefan Hula from Poland came in fifth (136m & 123m; 218.7p.). Norway’s Benedik Jakobsen Heggli rounded off the TOP6 with jumps on 132m and 129m (218.3p.).

Richard Freitag, for whom Klingenthal is his home hill, had the chance of finishing among the best three after the first round. He delivered a jump on 142.5m, one of the furthest today, but could not keep up the high level in the second round. His jump on 116.5m led him to the 14th place in the end.

As Mika Schwann is not competing in Klingenthal, but in the SGP in Hinzenbach, Manuel Fettner took over the lead in the overall COC (550p.). Schwann is still second (517p.), followed by Fredrik Villumstad (390p.).

The final competition of the summer COC will take place tomorrow, Sept 26, at 9:00 CET.

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